More 10 GHz Garage DXing

Saturday morning, Peter VA3ELE made a trip out to the grid boundary at EN82/EN83/EN92–all of which would be new grids for me on 10 GHz. K2UA came over to my garage and we operated from under cover to stay out of the generally unpleasant weather–30’s and raining, eventually turning to snow. Rus brought over a kerosene bullet heater to keep our feet warm and also made some great videos of the mayhem.

357 km–best DX yet!

Peter then moved across the grid lines to EN83xa and EN92bw…

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Pre-war Crystal Holders Part 2: ICA 415 “Button” Crystal Holder

An Insuline Corp. of America (ICA) No. 415 Holder. I met W9QUF (he was W0QUF after the war) at a hamfest somewhere in Nebraska or Iowa years ago, though I acquired this recently. When names are attached to things I leave them as part of the history.

In the last article I made mention of using a small button as an electrode rather than a large metal plate. This was a pretty common technique for getting quartz crystals to oscillate at higher frequencies with flat (and easier to manufacture) electrodes. We’re going to look at the button version of the ICA 415 holder to illustrate how it works.

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Pre-war Crystal Holders Part 1: Bliley BC2 Holders

A BC2 in need of some love….

This is the first in a series of articles on pre-WWII quartz crystal restoration. This article walks through the restoration of an early 30’s crystal holder that is fairly common on the surplus market, pointing out some of the characteristics and challenges that are unique to 1930’s crystal technology.

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Playing around at 10 GHZ

The family moved to new location in rural New York, which happens to be on a hill with a clear view to the west. While the sunsets are nice in the three months that we have sun, it’s good for VHF and up all year ’round.

It had been more than a decade since the last time I had communicated with another human being on the 10 GHZ band, but look at that horizon:

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