Crystals for the Central Electronics 10B

Now that the 10B is alive again after what was probably several decades I figured it was time to make some crystals for it the old fashioned way. Yes, I know what a VFO is, but that is not the point. I’m a sucker for the lost art of quartz crystals. There’s so much mystery and old wives tales around that that it has become some sort of dark art. In my limited experience its not magic, so long as you know your materials and keep in mind the laws of physics, and obey them.

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Central Electronics 10B Exciter Restoration

Just as I got it

This past spring I picked up a Central Electronics 10B exciter. This is a low power radio transmitter that was part of the on the first generation of single-sideband voice on Amateur Radio bands in the 1950’s. You can think of these transmitters as full-carrier double-sideband AM transmitters that use phasing circuits to cancel the carrier and the unwanted sideband. In fact, if you ever written software for an SDR (like one of Tony Parks’ softrock kits) its pretty much the same complex multiplication using a quadrature signal, just with analog parts rather than software. What’s old is new again!

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