Repairing a Heathkit PS-4 Power Supply

The PS-4 is a variable high-voltage bench supply that was manufactured starting around 1960. It is regulated up to 400 VDC at 100 mA, and it also has a separate low-current negative output from 0-100V in case you like make a manual curve tracer or whatever, as well as a 6.3V AC output for lighting up filaments. It appears to be electrically identical to the Heathkit IP-32 supply, but I don’t have one to compare it to. I regularly use this one as a steady voltage supply for my early one-tube oscillators like this one since the regulated voltage tends to keep the frequency steady. However, it took a little work to get it there, and I figure I might as well write about it in case it help (or just entertains) anyone looking to do the same.

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